Holme Grown

At Holme Grown Farm Shop and Garden Centre, this terrain offers  four game capacity.

Jersey Petanque Club

The home of the Jersey Petanque Club at Les Quennevais Sports Centre in St Brelade. This terrain can hold fifty games at once.

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Carrefour Petanque Club

Head straight up Mont Cochon and into St Lawrence. The home of Carrefour Petanque Club will be on your left hand side. This terrain offers a thirty two game capacity.

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Liberation Petanque Club 

Located at the Weighbridge Gardens in St Helier. Most popular with the Lunch Time League players and home to Liberation Petanque Club. The terrains offer a 12 game capacity.

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St Mary's Petanque Club

Located behind St Mary's school is the home of St Mary's Petanque Club. This terrain has capacity for six games.

St. Aubin Petanque

St. Aubin Petanque is located on the corner opposite the Parish Hall.   This terrain offers a two game capacity.

The Steam Clock

Right next to St Helier Marina and opposite the commercial buildings. This terrain offers a six game capacity.

First Tower Sea Front

Located just past First Tower Cafe this terrain offers a 2 game capacity.

Gorey Common

In the east of the island and located opposite Long Beach car park, this small terrain offers capacity for two games.

Le Hocq Common

The home terrain of St Clement's Petanque Club this terrain offers a four game capacity and is the most southerly terrain in the British Isles.

Millennium Park

The home of St Helier Parish Team, this terrain has a six game capacity.

Parade Gardens

Just the behind the Parade playground, this terrian has a 2 game capacity.

Pierson Road

Just behind the Grand Hotel and opposite People's Park. The terrains have a four game capacity.

St Peter's Village Green

Located behind the community centre in St Peter, opposite the church cemetery, this quiet terrain offers a four game capacity.

St Ouen's Village Green

Next to the Parish Hall and home to the St Ouen's parish team, this small but popular terrain has capacity for four games.

St Martin's Village Green

A large terrain located at the far left corner of St Martin's village green. This terrain offers an eight game capacity.

St Andrew's Park

This small terrain is located on the playing field of St Andrew's Park and offers the capacity for two games.

Jersey Terrains

See below for a list  of terrains in Jersey. Those that are not included are private access only.