100 Club Winners:

August 2017      £30 Esther Williams, £20 Dan Dingle, £10 Matt Buesnel
Sept 2017          £30 Ian Foster  £20 Keaven Taylor   £10 Andy Limbrick
October 2017    £30 John Mahoney  £20 Joy Hart  £10 Judy Dove
November 17.   £30 Beth Lloyd. £20 Dan Dingle. £10 Robin Stockton
December 17.   £30 Steve Foster. £20. Fred and Elaine Paisnel £10 Eunice Jehan
January 2018    £30 No. 91 Ken Le Brun £20 No. 32 Jill Noel £10 No.40 Derek Wrighton
February 2018  £30 No. 82 Richard Sowerby  £20 No. 58 Derek Hart  £10 No. 16 Ester Williams
March  2018     £30 No. 79 Steve Foster  £20 No. 76 Rosie & Keith Boleat  £10 No. 40 Derek Wrighton

News from the Jersey Petanque Association

2017 World Petanque Singles Championships

The JPA Coaches & Umpires' Committee have unanimously agreed that Matt Pinel and Joy Hart should be the Association's (and Jersey's) representatives at the 2017 World Petanque Singles Championships, to be held in Ghent in April. This will be the first time that Jersey has been able to enter players in this competition and although the competition will be tough, we have every confidence that they will do themselves and Jersey proud. It is hoped that if the programme of play permits, Matt & Joy will also take part in the Mixed Doubles competition. Both Matt & Joy were selected to play in the European Championships in Nimes in November but unfortunately, this event was cancelled and both were unable to attend the replacement venue

Well congratulations are in order as they both did very well in the singles.  Matt not only got to meet his idol, Philipe Suchard, but actually played against him in the singles competition.

Joy and Matt then went on to be 9th in THE WORLD!!!!!  MAGNIFICENT



The final result from the Home Nations tournament on Hayling Island in Hampshire has really put Jersey on the map.
They ended up in a strong second place behind England, comfortably beating Wales and Scotland. 

For the second year in a row the top Jersey trio were Andrew Bellamy Burt, Callum Stewart and Alan Oliveira who won nine of their 12 games.

Hopefully Jersey will have home advantage next year

The Final table:-
England 77
Jersey 51
Wales 36
Scotland 28

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The AGM was supposed to be at the JPC on 5th February, but only 25 people showed up.  28 are needed for a quorum, so the meeting was postponed.  The date will be announced shortly.

However, they were able to thank three "unsung heros" - namely Dave Ibitson for running the POSH Lunchtime League, Elaine Paisnel for the Inter Parish League and Wendy Ritzema for the Magic Touch League.