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The 17th annual general meeting of the Jersey Pétanque Association will be held on Monday 28th June 2021, starting promptly at 7.30pm. The venue for the A.G.M will be the Jersey Pétanque Club clubhouse at Les Quennevais, (by kind permission).

After the upheaval of the past 15 months, which has taken its toll on all aspects of society including sport, it is especially important that as the Association enters its eighteenth year it continues to receive, not only the active participation of the members in competitions and events, but also their support for the aims and ideals of the Association.

The A.G.M is your opportunity to express your views on the past work of the committee and to influence the future direction of the Association, which is your association and you have the right to hear what the General Committee have been doing on your behalf over the past 16 months. 

Enclosed you will find a form for the nomination of officers to serve on the General Committee, being Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. This year, the General Committee are proposing that the following posts are also nominated for election:

Sport Development Officer (formally Competitions Officer)
Publicity Officer (formally a committee appointment)
Player Development Officer
Youth Development Officer

Nomination forms should be signed by both a proposer and seconder and of course it must have the approval of the person being nominated. Please ensure that nominations are returned to me by the 7th June at the very latest but preferably sooner.

Motions for discussion at the AGM must be received by the same date and be signed by a proposer and seconder.

With your support the work of the JPA can continue and pétanque will continue to gain in popularity and be accepted as a sport in which Jersey can continue to compete at a high level.

The agenda for the meeting, the minutes of the last AGM, the latest accounts of the Association and details of nominations and propositions to be put to the meeting, will be sent to all by the 10th June at the latest.

We look forward to seeing you at the A.G.M.

Steve Foster

Steve Foster
Secretary, Jersey Pétanque Association


JPA Leagues
Posh Lunchtime Business League - winter and summer
Inter Parish Pétanque League
JPA Winter and Summer League
Because the Pétanque leagues are played outside, physical contact is minimal or non-existent and the sport is of low intensity the JPA Committee has decided that all League matches can be resumed with effect from the end of July.
It is, however, important that all players participating in League matches adhere strictly to the guidelines and conditions set out below. The risk of contracting Covid 19 is very low but it is not zero. 
Covid 19 Rules and Conditions 
* All players to observe the social distancing of 1 metre from other players who are not members of their household. 
* To avoid handling and possible cross contamination all circles should be drawn (No prefabricated rings to be used). – Reminder - circles should be no larger than 50cm and no smaller than 35cm.
* Each player should use their own cochonnet when it is their teams turn to throw the jack. 
* Boule should not be picked up by anyone other than their owner.
* Contact details should be kept of all participants by the home team captains.
* There should be no hospitality. 
* Frequent sanitising of equipment and hands should be carried out during the match. 
* No handshaking or kissing before or after a match. 
* Equipment used (boule, cochonnet etc. should be sanitised after the match. 
* A face covering can be worn if people want extra protection. 
If these guidelines and conditions are followed by all players there is no reason why League matches can not be played safely by JPA members. 
They are based on the latest medical advice and correspond with the Jersey Sport guidance for moving to Level I.
The risk posed by Covid 19 is greatly reduced in the Island and by following these guidelines you will be supporting the Government of Jersey in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. 
If you have any concerns or questions please contact me or a member of the Committee. 
Keep well and play safely.
Derek Hart, Chairman Jersey Pétanque Association 

The 17th annual general meeting of the Jersey Pétanque Association will be held on Monday 28th June 2021


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