JPA Inter-Parish League 2021


St Saviour’s hosted St Lawrence at home, with the away team having difficulty with the terrain.  St Saviour’s won 3 out of 4 doubles, also winning the triples, but losing the singles.  A couple of games were very close, it could have gone either way.  St Saviour’s won 4-2.

St Clement welcomed St Helier to Le Hocq on a stunning sunny day with the bonus of a flat calm high tide and no wind.  St Helier took an early lead with Joan Leroy and Roy Langlois winning to 5.  St Clement drew level with Albert Brown and Margaret Syvret winning to 4.  Tony Allchurch and Jane Skelhorn of St Helier closed this session with a win to 8.  In the second half Keith Boleat made it 3-1 for St Helier, winning the singles to 5.  The visitors sealed the day for St Helier with Christine Eccles and Roy Langlois also winning to 5.  The triples game went on much longer than the rest, resulting in the St Clement team of Rosemary Benest, Margaret Syvret and John Doublet winning their game to 5, some consolation but not enough to stop St Helier winning the day 4-2.

Despite having practiced on the St Ouen terrain on Wednesday the Trinity team still struggled to come to terms with it and suffered a 5/1 loss.  Paul Walters and Daph Tingley were the only winners.  For the home team Kevin Cronin had a good day, not only winning the double with Ron Vibert but also the single against Alan Dunford.  Kath Bohan also played very well winning the double with Ken Jones and the triple where Ron Vibert joined them.  David and Esta Williams came back well winning the last double.  A good win for the “Gris Ventres”.

It was a lovely sunny day but the sun did not favour either team as the overall result ended in a very close draw.  The first half started with St Martin racing ahead in all three games.  However, St Peter steadied themselves in these games and Francis & Jan Le Gresley lost the first singles by 13 – 4 to Irene Green and Percy Gicquel.  Nicky Maindonald and Martin Illien of St Martin battled all the way to 12 – 12 but just lost out in the final end to Lester and Margaret Rolland.  Kay Laverty and Jayn Johnson had a monster battle taking over an hour to complete but lost 13 – 10 to Gil & Gaille Le Roche.  At the halfway stage it ended up with 2 – 1 victory to St Peter.  St Martin were now under pressure and the pressure continued in the singles with Gil Le Roche taking an early lead against Brian Harris which he kept up to 12 -10.  However, in the last end Brian found his form to finish the game at 13 -12.  The triples was also a close game which ended in a 13 - 9 result to St Martin.  The final battle also went all the way to 12 – 12 between John Ponomorenko and Robin Perchard of St Martin and Harry Le Marquand & Brenda Vautier of St Peter with St Peter taking the spoils in this game.  A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and St Martin look forward to meeting St Peter later in the year at their terrain.

On Friday 16th July, Grouville hosted a Parish match against St Mary on what was a very warm afternoon with a testing terrain.  Grouville played 8 players whilst St Mary had 6 players, all men!  All of the first three doubles were won by St Mary with Grouville losing to 3, 5 & 6, so not a good start for the home team but due credit to St Mary who mastered the terrain very quickly.  However, things did change in the second half of the match with Gordon de Gruchy beating Mick Rondel 13-7 in the single and the Grouville triple team of Dave Grover, Les Norman & Joan James beating Richard Sowerby, Alan Still & Mike Fennell by 13-3.  Joan James played particularly well with her placing.  So it all came down to the final doubles with Dorothy de Gruchy & Liz Viney for Grouville against the strong and experienced team of Mick Cotillard & Peter Le Liard for St Mary.  St Mary took an early lead but Grouville fought back and it became a very close match.  In the end St Mary were victors winning 13-8.  It was an excellent afternoon of competitive but friendly petanque, the way it should be.

St John hosted top of the table St Brelade with the hosts finding themselves 2-1 down after the first round of games.  St John won the singles but unfortunately lost the fourth doubles and the triples to give St Brelade the overall win.