Parish League 2019

2019 JPA Inter Parish Petanque League report – Week14

Just four match results this week as two matches had to be held over.
St Ouen deserve the headline this time as they made full use of their home knowledge to beat the leaders St Saviour in all but one game. However, it could so easily have finished in a draw as Jean Meldrum and Alex Stewart not only lost their double to 12 but with the addition of Gill Blampied, they also lost the triple by the same score! Each side also lost one game to 10 so it was evidently a tough match.
With St Helier’s match one of those postponed, challengers St Lawrence were also at home. Captain Marion Simkin with Tony Morton won the opening double for St Lawrence ,but Dave Harrison and David Le Gresley beat Rita le Brocq and Ken Le Brun 13-11, and Mike Yates with Dave  Killip made it two to one for  St Brelade.  to keep St Brelade’s hopes of success alive.  Marion Simkin and Tony Morton went on to win the fourth double  13-0 to level the match and it was the home side who also won the triple and single and thus the match, taking them to the top of the table by virtue of games difference.
If St Helier win their outstanding match at St Clement, they will take over at the top.
St John proved too strong for Trinity. Despite being the away team, the more experienced St John players enjoyed the surface which is similar to their own home terrain. While Paul Walters and Daphne Tingley lost to just the one point, it was Alan le Maistre who avoided Trinity suffering a whitewash by winning the single to ten.
St. Martin went 2-1 up at half time with a fanny secured by Robin Perchard and Paul Le Moine. Bob Maynard and Geoff Welland had a hard tussle with Julie Leach and Joan James before winning 13-8. On the adjoining terrain, Grouville’s  Mike Oldham and Gordon de Gruchy beat Kay Laverty and Martin Illien although the game lasted a long time with some close ends. Gordon played particularly well with some impressive firing and placing. The 4th Double was a bit one sided with Barbara and Dave Grover playing really well to win 13-2. Meanwhile in the Single Andrew Sainter gave Brian Harris a good game before Brian showed his experience to win 13-5. St. Martin were thus 3-2 up and everything rested on the Triple. The St. Martin trio of Mick Allain, Paul Feger and Paul Harris in the early stages were playing well as a team and the score gradually crept up to 11 -5 for the hosts. The Grouville threesome of Liz Viney, Louise Cummins and veteran Elaine Paisnel did not give up at this stage. They started playing really well. Liz was placing beautifully, and Elaine shot 2 incredible fires just at vital moments. When the score was 11-8 to the home side Grouville  were holding 4 on the next end with one boule to play. They only needed one more boule to secure the 5 they needed to win. Elaine threw her last boule but although it was accurate she moved the cochonnet back and this reduced their score to 3. That was really bad luck. However, they secured the 2 they needed in the next end to win 13-11 and a very creditable draw.
Elaine Paisnel - JPA