JPA Inter-Parish League 2018

2018 JPA Inter Parish Petanque League report – Week 3

The leading two parishes went ‘head to head’ this week and as the outcome was a draw neither pulled into a clear lead- indeed, there are now four teams on seven points at the top of the table.
The first two doubles saw wins for St Brelade with Wendy and Mike Ritzema not giving any points away and Den and Joan Le Mercier allowing the opposition five points. The next double of Val Glover and Derek Wrighton fought hard against the excellent pairing of Ken Luce and Kathy Bohan; with St Ouen eventually winning 13-9.
Den Le Mercier took on Ken Luce in the singles, another good game with Ken Luce eventually winning 13-9. The triples finished next with St Ouen having the upper hand and St Brelade lost 4-13. So, it was all eyes on the final doubles. The inform Christopher Davey was placing superbly and along with Wendy Ritzema they beat Wally Garrett and Richard Michell 13-5 to level the match.

Trinity came from 1-2 down in the first round to win the remaining three games and get their first win of the 2018 season against visiting St Mary.

In a bottom of the table clash between St Martin and St Peter, both teams were out to gain their first win of the year. There were some hard fought and close encounters played in a very sporting spirit but eventually St. Peter squeezed home 4-2 and the result all depended on the final Singles game.
St. Peter won all three of the first round of games and knew they only needed won more win for victory. The fourth double went to St. Martin 13-5 and things became very interesting with the Triple game being very closely fought. Again St. Martin edged it 13-11. Everyone then surrounded the Singles game between Gil Le Roch and Brian Harris. Gil had started the game very well and was 7-1 up at one stage. However, Brian fought back to 9 all. In the penultimate end Gil scored a 3 to open the gap after an excellent fire with his last ball. There was loud enthusiastic support during the last end, both players having good fortunes, but Gil got the point he needed to secure victory for himself and his team.

St Clement hosted St Saviour on a bitterly cold but sunny morning. The visitors immediately showed they were once again a force to be reckoned with by winning the first two doubles, Rob Birch and Jean Meldrum with a fine 13-4, and Alex Stewart and Bill Perry 13-7.  St Clement then clawed one back, John and Nina Doublet winning 13-6.  The fourth doubles game saw St Saviour stretching the lead to 3-1 with Jean Meldrum again, this time paired with Mike Blake at 13-7. Rob Birch in the singles sealed victory for St Saviour at 13-7, but the St Clement triples team of Brian Daghorn, Nicky Tanner and Margaret Syvret had 'the win of the day' with a resounding victory 13-1. St Saviour victorious 4-2.
Up north, St John took on St Helier. While Brian Mollet and Ralph Morin won a double for the home side, St Helier’s pairs won two of the others and just lost the final one to 12. St Helier’s triple featured Alf and Rosemarie Le Masurier who had for many years played for St John and had not forgotten their knowledge of the tough terrain as partnered with Joan Le Roy they won the triple while their team mate Keith Boleat also won the single to complete a 4-2 match win.

Grouville are still looking for a first win, having lost 2-4 to champions St Lawrence. The home side’s triple came close to a win which would have drawn the match, but the St Lawrence trio won it 13-11.

Elaine Paisnel - JPA