The Parish League got off to a freezing start - with St John beating St. Brelade 5 - 1.

The Two Teams Celebrating the Start of the Season

The Trinity team celebrating their first ever win, 4-2 over St Mary.

JPA Inter Parish Petanque League report – Week 18

A second consecutive defeat for leaders St Lawrence reduced their lead at the top but challengers St Saviour and St John drew so neither team got the maximum three points to put the pressure on as the season draws to its conclusion.
St Lawrence visited St Clement at Le Hocq to find several St Saviour players there, just hoping that the hosts would steal points from the league leaders and allow them to close the four-point gap between them. They were not to be disappointed.
In the first two games to finish at about the same time, Norman and Margaret Syvret were victorious for St Clement 13-7, but Annette and Tony Morton drew level for St Lawrence with a 13-6 win. In the third doubles, St Clement pair, Brian Heard and Jennifer Turner won a very tight game 13-11. St Lawrence then drew level when Tony Morton took the singles with a fine 13-4 win for St Lawrence.  The forth doubles was keenly contested but again St Clement took the lead with John Riseborough and Rosemary Benest winning 13-8.  The triples were the last to finish.  St Lawrence took an early lead and it looked as if a draw was on the cards. However, the St Clement team of Brian Heard, Nina Doublet and Nicky Tanner, with much encouragement from St Clement and St Saviour supporters, finally took the lead and finished 13-8 victors.  St Clement won the day 4-2 after which, for the first time, three Parishes were then entertained at St Clement Parish Hall!
 St Saviour, making good use of their home knowledge started well going ahead 3-0 at the halfway stage. But as expected St John were not going to sit back and make it easy for them as they took the next three games to make it an honourable draw.
The triples proved to be the crowd puller as St Saviour fought back from 11-6 down, with lots of vocal support from a mixed crowd of St John, St Saviour, and friends from St Clement who dropped by to join in the fun, to make it 12-11. After a considerable amount of discussion and measuring on the next end St John scored the two points for a win. A lovely way to spend a sunny morning.
St Helier won their outstanding fixture away to St Mary who were close to drawing the match, Mick Rondel and Dawn Booley losing out 12-13 in one double.  The following week, St Helier were then held to a draw ‘out west’ playing St Ouen. Coming back from 1-2 down, St Helier won both the last double and the single while their triple was ‘fannied’ by St Ouen’s Olive and Geoff Thomas with Gerald Rolland.
After the first round of three Doubles games, St Martin went 3-0 up and were confident of winning at least one more game to secure victory. However, St. Peter upped their game in the second round of games and started playing really well. The first match to finish was the Single in which Vic Le Riche had a convincing win over Brian Harris 13-8. The fourth Double was completed with Gil Le Roch and Enid de Gruchy playing really well to hold off Bob Maynard and Gerald Le Cocq to win 13-9. This meant the score was now only 3-2 to the home side.  Thus, the result of the match rested on the Triple which was a very close game. Kay Laverty, Robin Perchard and Geoff Welland held their nerve to win 13-10 over Lester Rolland, Ann Gouedard and Sandra Le Riche, thus securing a win for St. Martin. One must mention that Paul Harris, who was playing for St. Martin in his first competitive game ever, showed great promise with his shooting being a feature.
On a warm sunny morning St Brelade Parish team welcomed Trinity Parish team. St Brelade won 6-0 but the score did not reflect the excellent play from Trinity. St Brelade had to work hard to gain every point.
The first double to finish was the excellent team of Eddie Cuthbert and Val Glover. Val was pointing impeccably and Eddie was firing well. They beat John Godel and Daphne Tingley 13-0. The next Team to finish was Judy Dove and Mike Ritzema beating Jackie and David Vautier 13-6. Mike Yates and Wendy Ritzema took on Alan Dunford and Norman Tingley. This was a tough game with lots of good placing and firing and the St Brelade pair won 13-4. The final double was Paul Dove and Jane Cuthbert and they played David Vautier and Norman Tingley. This was a long game and still being played when the singles and triples had finished. David and Norman were coasting but bit by bit Jane and Paul were eating away at their lead and the St Brelade duo eventually won a brilliant game 13-8.
Wendy Ritzema took on Alan Dunford in the singles and both the players were playing exceptionally well but Wendy won 13-6. The triple team of Judy Dove, Eddie Cuthbert and Mike Yates also gelled well and beat Lawrence de Gruchy, Kay Le Feuvre and Jackie Vautier 13-6.
And in the final match of week 18 Grouville hosted St Mary at Holmegrown, starting in the rain having swept the water from the terrains but the sun soon came out (as it does down in the ‘banana belt’) for the remainder of the match.
John Mahoney and Jo Forrest got off to a storming start with a 13-0 win for the home side and Joan James (in just her second league game) partnering Gordon de Gruchy added another win for Grouville. A very good finish by Mike Fennell and Alan Still pulled one back for St Mary winning 13-11 from being 4-8 down.
Stuart Abraham and Elaine Paisnel had the run of the boule in their double to make it 3-1 ensuring at least a draw for Grouville. Peter Le Liard and Gordon de Gruchy had a real battle in the single going up point by point but it was Peter who won 13-11 leaving the triple to decide the match. The outcome of the match would come down to the triple. This too was very closely contested and finished with an unusual incident – worth mentioning here.
With Grouville 12-11 up and having played all their boules, St Mary were holding one point with four boules to play. Their player threw the next boule and several voices, some competing, some watching, announced ‘that is it’. However, the players at the head contested that the boule was indeed holding second. The boules were duly measured and it was confirmed that St Mary only held one point at this stage.
Unfortunately, some players (from both teams) then picked up some boules and also the cochonnet thus killing the end. Had it just been Grouville players who picked up St Mary would have scored their ‘boules in hand’ but as their players had also picked up both the holding boule and the cochonnet, they had to forfeit the advantage of ‘boule in hand’ as they too had killed the end. The Grouville trio asked that the one point which had been proved to be holding when the confusion began should be counted and this made the score twelve all.
A very tense final end was played with both sides placing great shots and several boules shot out but Grouville were fortunate to win 13-12.
This just reminds all of us of how very important it is to concentrate, take our time and not rush in to pick anything up before all is decided and agreed.
Elaine Paisnel - JPA