Lunchtime League Winter League Presentaion 2018

Medals and trophies were awarded today to the successful teams in the Parish of St Helier Winter League.

The first presentation by JPA vice-chairman, Michel Morel, was to the league sponsor, St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft (pic 1), representing Saints and Sinners, who came third in Division 3 (pic 2).  Second were Equiom Tab Boulers (pic 3) while the cup went to The Usual Suspects (pic 4). The Division Two champions were Les Miseraboules (pic 5), following up their Division 3 title the previous year. Second were Bish Bash Boules (unavailable to attend the presentation) and in third place, Carey Boulesen (pic 6). Once again the Division 1 champions were L’Homard Qui Rit (pic 7). Great  Balls of  Steel were second (pic 8)and a Load of Boules third (also unable to attend the presentation).