Result of today's triples competition: 

Scores as follows:
James G, Geoffroy B and Mark Nicol cruised through as Group A winners winning all four matches which included 2 x 13-0 and one 13-1.  The runner up spot from Group A went to Alan L, Stephen L and Matthew S - They were one of three teams to win two matches in Group A but it was there points difference of +1 that took them through ahead of Alan O, Craig K, and Bob M (-2) and Ken LB, Jeanne LB and Darren LB (-13).
Group B was won by Helene R, Michel M and Chris R with 3 wins (+19).  They too fannied a team on their way through to the semis but were denied 4 wins by the team of Neil S, Keith B and Chris P who beat them 13-12 and finished in the runner up spot with a score of 3 wins +15.  Third in Group B with 2 wins +5 was Ross P, Matthew R, and Toby N.
The winners of Group A (James, Geoffroy and Mark) faced the runners-up of Group B (Neil, Keith and Chris) in the first of the semi finals. Neil, Keith and Chris pushed them close but James, Geoffrey and Mark emerged victorious winning the game 13-11. 

The winners of Group B (Helene, Michel and Chris) took on the runners-up of Group A (Alan, Steve and Matt) in the second semi final which finished 13-8 to Alan, Steve and Matt. 

So the final was a rematch between two teams that progressed from Group A.  In the Group stage James, Geoffrey and Mark beat Alan, Steve and Matt 10-4 (the match was timed out) but the final was a much closer affair.  and eventually ended with James, Geoffrey and Mark maintaining their 100% record for the day by winning the final 13-8.

First - Geoffroy Buffetrille, James Genoe & Mark Nicol
Second - Mat Scholefield, Alan Lahiffe & Steve Leatham
= 3rd - Keith Boleat, Neil Selby & Chris Pinel and Michel Morel, Helene Retrosi & Chris Romeril