JPA Summer League Week 3 Table

Please find new league format for weeks 1 & 2 by clicking on the blue button above
The format is changed this year, so whilst this is similar to previous seasons, also added in are individual points per game as well as individual statistics.
On the left of the spreadsheet are individual stats per team,Middle is the results and right up on the right, the league tables
A Fanny Club has been added, but will not shame any players, just list players who have given out a fanny, along with next week’s fixtures, and also teams who have played their wild card.
As you can see there is a tab for each team, this is where your individual stats are recorded.
Any questions or feedback please let us know.

Below is the simple table to show where your team is currently:-

Please find screenshot for league for week 3
I have been unable to prepare report as still awaiting 2 results, and only received one last night.
Whilst I appreciate some teams are unable to take photos and email me directly, if away team are more than happy to help, please either email me @ or take photo and WhatsApp me on +447797777733, this will in result, make it easier for me to keep the captains up to date and yourself able to provide your teams with the relevant information.
Going forward I shall prepare report on Sunday, and if any late scores come in then they will be added the following week.

Magic Touch are no longer sponsoring the JPA Summer League.  This is now being done by Stonehage Fleming.

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JPA Summer League 2018