JPA Island Triples 2016

JPA Triples Report
12 triples teams took part in this years JPA Triples Championship held at Carrefour Petanque Club at the weekend. 

Group A was won by Helene Retrosi, Michel Morel and Chris Romeril who managed to win 4 out of their 5 games and finished with a score of +27.  The only team that Retrosi, Morel and Romeril lost out to were group runners-up - Neil Selby, Chris Pinel, and Keith Boleat who also managed 4 wins but with a lesser combined point score of +11. 

Meanwhile, Group B was dominated by Callum Stewart, Andrew Bellamy and Matthew Pinel who won all five of their games and finished up with a score of +44. 

Runners-up in Group B were Steve Foster and Derek and Joy Hart with their record of 4 wins +10.

In the semi-finals the winners of Group A - Retrosi, Morel and Romeril eased past their opposition (Foster and the Harts) winning the match 13-8.  The other semi-final between Stewart, Bellamy and M Pinel against Selby, C Pinel and Boleat was a more closely contested affair but it was the Selby/C Pinel/Boleat triple that emerged victorious from the encounter with a score of 13-11.  Having performed so consistently up until this point, critical mistakes made by Bellamy in particular ultimately cost him and his team mates the match.

So to the all Vagabond final.  Retrosi, Morel and Romeril were first to cease the initiative establishing a 8-4 lead.  But in the next end controversy struck.  Selby, having played his teams fifth boule exited the circle and in so doing caught the ring with his foot and it moved considerably.  As the circle was unmarked and with no way of knowing exactly where it should be replaced the umpire was forced to declare a dead end.  In the next end Selby, C Pinel, and Boleat then scored 5 to take the lead and after a minor comeback from the opposition they then went on to win the match 13-9.

This is the third time that Selby, C Pinel, and Boleat have lifted the trophy having previously been winners in 2007 and 2008.