Friday April 28th 2017
A vin d’ honour WAS held at our clubhouse where, over a glass of wine and a light bite we can meet and go through the weekend’s programme followed by the draw. A chance to renew old friendships and meet new competitors. It started at about 6.00pm with refreshments and the briefing at 6. 30pm.

Saturday April 29th 
Play started at 9.15 am on Saturday (and 9.30am on Sunday). The competition was “a Snake” and during the day each team played 6 other teams.
Refreshments were on sale throughout the day..
At the end of the day we collated the results into 4 groups. The top quarter to the Main, the second to the Plate, the third to Consolage 1 and those who have not had the best of days to Consolage 2.

Sunday April 30th 
With a 9.30am start each team played 3 games within their group and the top 4 teams went on to play for first, second, and equal third. Played in this way it meant all the eliminated teams were able to watch the finals.  This was followed by the presentations and celebrated with a glass and some nibbles.

Monday May 1st 
Play moved to The Carrefour Petanque Club. (See Jersey Petanque Club website or Carrefour)

Results of the Open 2017

Main Competition

1st & 2017 JPC Open Champions    Chris Romeril (Carrefour PC) & Mark Nicol (Carrefour PC)
2nd                                                Geoffroy Buffetrille (Liberation PC) & Matt Buesnel (Liberation PC)
3rd Equal                                        Matt Pinel (Liberation PC) & Brandon Ogier (Guernsey PC)
                                                      Dave Bartram (Guernsey PC) & Giles Cleal ( Guernsey PC)  

 Plate Competition       

1st                                                  Brian Harris (Jersey PC) & Paul Le Moine (Liberation PC)
2nd                                                 Jeff Fox (Cranleigh PC) & Lesley Lewis (Cranleigh PC)
3rd Equal                                        John Murray (Compton PC) & Martin Britton

                                                        Linda Taylor (Jersey PC) & Chris O’Rourke (Bridlington PC)

 Consolage One
1st                                                 Richard Baker (Whitehouse PC) & Peter Shillingham (Whitehouse PC)
2nd                                                Roger Nunns (Wetherby PC) & Sue Nunns (Wetherby PC)
3rd Equal                                       Tommy Glennie (Jersey PC) & Lawrence Rondel (Jersey PC)

                                                     Rosanne Smith (Wetherby PC) & Alan Taylor (Wetherby PC)

 Consolage Two
1st                                                Keith Priaulx (Guernsey PC) & Shane Brehaut (Guernsey PC)
2nd                                               Dennis Le Mercier (Jersey PC) & Joan Le Mercier (Jersey PC)
3rd Equal                                      Dave Simpson (Whitehouse PC) & Tom Crowd (Whitehouse PC)

                                                      Bill Weller (Whitehouse PC) & Colin Simons (Whitehouse PC)

 Top Channel Island Team

Chris Romeril (Carrefour PC) & Mark Nicol (Carrefour PC)

 Top Jersey Petanque Club Team

Derek and Joy Hart                                                                                                                  

For the full results of this 2017 doubles/triples competition which finished on the 1st May 2017, go to the website of the Jersey Petanque Club (JPC Open 2017).