Brigitte (3rd)  Joy (1st)  Wendy (2nd)

Island Women's Open Championship

June 2nd, 2018
Joy Hart is the first Jersey women’s open singles champion. She beat Wendy Ritzema in the final on the Weighbridge terrains of Liberation Pétanque Club. Joy raced to an 11-3 lead but Wendy mounted a comeback to take the game to 9-11 before Joy closed out the game 13-9.

However all the participants were agreed the new competition had been a big success and the winner made a point of thanking Callum Stewart for coming up with such a brilliant idea and Ross Payne for organising the event so well.

He responded: “I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy the competition. I hope it’ll be bigger and better next year.”

In the morning’s opening rounds Joy Hart was the only player to win all her five games.

She was joined in the semi-finals by Wendy Ritzema (four wins and a score of +29) and Lorna Limbrick (four wins and +23) plus the highest scoring player with three wins, Brigitte Ibitson.

Wendy, who had inflicted Lorna’s only defeat in the first round, repeated the achievement, winning 13-1 in the first semi-final. In the other,

Joy beat Brigitte Ibitson 13-7.  Brigitte however had the satisfaction of winning the third place play-off, 13-4.

Mike Fennell
JPA Media Officer