The following players have been chosen to represent Jersey in the Home Nations in Cardiff in August.
Twelve teams put their names forward for selection, but only eight teams are eligible to play.

Below are the eight successful teams in order of qualification. 

(1) Matt Ryan, Ross Payne, Dave Ibitson, Brigitte Ibitson.

(2) Matt Pinel, Mark Nicol, Rich Nevitt.

(3) Laurent Pellaton, Geoffroy Buffetrille, Neil Selby.

(4) Alan Lahiffe, Michel Morel, Mat Scholefield.

(5) Wendy Ritzema, Gary Cowburn, Brian Harris.

(6) Steve Foster, Derek Hart, Joy Hart.

(7) Chris Romeril, Natasha Romeril, Dawn Buckley.

(8) Callum Stewart, Andrew Bellamy-Burt, Alan Oliveira, Joey Le Cleche. 

Good luck Team Jersey!