2015 Island Singles Championship Sponsored by TDS Ltd

Report on JPA Singles – Saturday 11th April 2015

25 competitors battled it out on Saturday 11th April in a bid to be crowned JPA Singles Champion (2015).

Group A was won by Alan Oliviera (4 wins +27).

Group B was won by Andrew Bellamy (4 wins +22).

Group C was won by Ross Payne (4 wins +28).

Group D was won by Chris Romeril (4 wins +26).

Group E was won by James Gennoe (3 win +17).

Joining the group winners in the quarter-finals were, Matthew Pinel (3 wins +20), Toby Northern (3 wins +14) and Geoffroy Buffetrille (3 wins +12) who finished as runners-up in Groups, B, A, and C respectively.

In the quarter finals Toby Northern and Andrew Bellamy had commanding wins over their opponents; Toby beat Alan Oliveira 13-6 and Andrew beat James Gennoe 13-5.  The quarter final matches between Ross Payne and Geofroy Buffetrille, and Chris Romeril and Matthew Pinel though were more closely contested both ending with a scoreline of 13-12 (Ross and Matthew emerged the victors).

In the semi-finals Andrew Bellamy continued to show good form by beating Matthew Pinel 13-6.  Meanwhile in the match between Ross Payne and Toby Northern, Ross seemed set to win the encounter when at 10-11 he had a chance to close out the game but instead earned himself just a single point to draw level.  Then in what proved to be the last end, Toby got lucky when a wayward firing shot ricocheted off of another boule into Ross’ holding boule to leave him with a chance of an easy ‘roll in’ for game.

In the final Andrew Bellamy failed to show the same sort of form that got him there in the first place and whilst he was clearly frustrated by his own play, Toby seized the opportunity to pull away from him and at 10-4 Toby fired out Andrew’s closest boule to leave himself with the 3 on ground that he required to take the title.

This is the second time that Toby Northern has won the JPA Singles repeating his success from 2013.