Article 24 - Temporary removal of boules
In order to measure a point, it is permitted, after having marked their positions, to temporarily
remove the boules and obstacles situated between the jack and the boules to be measured.
After measuring, the boules and the obstacles which were removed are put back in place. If the
objects cannot be removed, the measuring is done with the aid of callipers.

Article 25 - Measuring of points
The measuring of a point is the duty of the player who last played or by one of his or her teammates.
The opponents still have the right to measure after one of these players.
Whatever positions the boules to be measured may hold, and at whatever stage the end may be,
the Umpire can be consulted and his or her decision is final.
Measuring must be done with appropriate instruments, which each team must possess. Notably,
it is forbidden to effect measurements with the feet. The players who do not observe this ruling
will incur the penalties outlined in Article 34 "Discipline".

Article 26 - Removed Boules
It is forbidden for players to pick up played boules before the completion of an end.
At the completion of an end, all boules picked up before the agreement of points are dead. No
claim is admissible on this subject.

Article 27 - Displacement of the boules or the jack
The team, whose player displaces the jack or one of the contested boules, while effecting a
measurement, loses the point.
If, during the measurement of a point, the Umpire disturbs or displaces the jack or a boule he will
make a decision in an equitable way.

Article 28 - Boules equidistant from the jack
When the two closest boules to the jack belong to opposing teams and are at an equal distance
from it, 3 cases can apply:
1) If the two teams have no more boules to play the end is dead and the jack belongs to the
team which threw the jack at the preceding end.
2) If only one team has boules at its disposition, it plays them and scores as many points as
it has boules closer to the jack than the nearest opponent's boule.
3) If both teams have boules at their disposition, it is for the team which played the last
boule to play again, then the opposing team, and so on alternately until the point belongs
to one of them. When only one team possesses boules, the arrangements set out in the
preceding paragraph apply.

If, after completion of the end, no boules remain within the boundary of the authorised playing
area, the end is null and void.

Article 29 - Foreign bodies adhering to the boules or jack
Any foreign bodies adhering to the boules or the jack must be removed before measuring a point.