Article 30 - Complaints
To be considered, any complaint must be made to the Umpire. As soon as the game is finished,
no complaint can be made.
Each team is responsible for checking of the opposing team (licences, category, terrain, boules,

Article 31- Penalties for absent teams or players
At the time of the draw and the announcement of its result, the players must be present at the
control table. A quarter of an hour after the announcement of these results, the team which is
absent from the terrain will be penalised one point which is awarded to their opponents. This
time limit is reduced to 5 minutes in games that are timed.
After this time limit, the penalty accrues by one point for each five minutes of the delay.
The same penalties apply throughout the competition, after each random draw and in the case of a
re-start of games after a break for any reason whatsoever.
The team which does not present itself on the playing area within the hour of the start or restart of
games is declared to be eliminated from the competition.
An incomplete team has the right to start a game without waiting for its absent player;
nevertheless it does not use the boules of that player.
No player may absent himlherself from a game or leave the terrains of play without the
authorisation of the Umpire. For time-limited games, the player wanting to leave must have
already played all his boules in the ongoing end. If permission is not granted, the provisions of
this article and the next apply.

Article 32 - Late arrival of players
If, after an end has started, the missing player arrives, he or she does not take part in this end. He
or she is accepted into the game only as from the following end.
If a missing player arrives more than one hour after the start of a game, he or she loses all rights
to participate in that game.
If his or her team-mates win this game, he or she will be able to participate in that which follows
provided that he or she was originally registered with that team.
If the competition is played in leagues, he or she will be able to take part in the second game
whatever the result of the first.
An end is considered as having started when the jack has been placed on the playing area in
accordance with the Rules.

Article 33 - Replacement of a player
The replacement of a player in Doubles, or of one or two players in Triples, is permitted only up
to the official announcement of the commencement of the competition (gun, whistle,
announcement, etc.), on condition that the replacement/s was/were not previously registered in
the competition as belonging to another team.

Article 34 - Penalties
For non-observation of the rules of the game the players incur the following penalties:
1) Warning;
2) Disqualification of the boule played or to be played;
3) Disqualification of the boule played or to be played and the following one;
4) Exclusion ofthe responsible player for the game;
5) Disqualification of the team responsible;
6) Disqualification of the two teams in case of complicity.

Article 3S - Bad weather
In the case of rain, any end started must be completed, unless a contrary decision is made by the
Umpire, who alone is qualified, with the Jury, to decide on its suspension or cancellation in the
case ofa "force majeure".

Article 36 - New phase of play
If, after the announcement of a new phase of the competition (2nd round, 3rd round, etc ...) certain
games have not ended, the Umpire, after advice from the Organising Committee, may make any
arrangements or decisions that he judges necessary for the good running of the competition

Article 37 - Lack of Sportsmanship
The teams that argue during a game, who show lack of sportsmanship and respect towards the
public, the organisers or the Umpires, will be excluded from the competition. This exclusion can
incur non-acceptance of the results, as well as the application of penalties set out in Article 38.

Article 38 - Bad behaviour
The player who is guilty of bad behaviour, or worse, violence towards an official, an Umpire,
another player or a spectator incurs one or several of the following penalties, depending on the
seriousness of the offence.
1) Exclusion from the competition.
2) Withdrawal oflicence.
3) Confiscation or restitution of expenses and prizes.
The penalty imposed on the guilty player can also be imposed on his or her team-mates.
Penalty 1 is imposed by the Umpire.
Penalty 2 is imposed by the Jury.
Penalty 3 is imposed by the Organising Committee which, within 48 hours, sends a report with
the expenses and prizes retained to the Federation's Organisation which will decide on their
In all cases, the Chairman of the Committee for the Federation concerned will make the final
Decent dress is demanded of every player. All players that do not observe these rules will be
disqualified from the competition after a warning from the Umpire.

Article 39 - Duties of the Umpires
The Umpires designated to control the competitions are charged to be on the watch for strict
application of the rules of play and the administration rules which complete them. They have the
authority to disqualify from the competition any player or any team who refuses to comply with
their decision.
The spectators with valid or suspended licences, who, by their behaviour, are the origin of
incidents on the terrain of play, will be the subject of an Umpire's report to the Federal executive.
The latter will summon the guilty party or parties before a competent Disciplinary Committee
who will decide on the penalties to apply.

Article 40 - Composition and decisions of the Jury
Any case not provided for in the rules is submitted to the Umpire who can refer it to the
competition's Jury. This Jury comprises at least 3 people and at the most 5 people. The decisions
taken by the Jury in applying this paragraph are without appeal. In the case of a split vote, the
President of the Jury has the casting vote