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The Jersey Petanque Association is the Governing Body of the sport of petanque in the island of Jersey. This website aims to be a source of information for island players, clubs and visitors as well as media outlets and other interested parties.


******CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION SEE BELOW the Entry forms for 2020 Competitions******:-

The JPA have now, at last, got a Competitions Officer.Tom Le Sueur has agreed to take on the role of Competitions Officer.

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JPA Leagues
Posh Lunchtime Business League - winter and summer
Inter Parish Pétanque League
JPA Winter and Summer League
Because the Pétanque leagues are played outside, physical contact is minimal or non-existent and the sport is of low intensity the JPA Committee has decided that all League matches can be resumed with effect from the end of July.
It is, however, important that all players participating in League matches adhere strictly to the guidelines and conditions set out below. The risk of contracting Covid 19 is very low but it is not zero. 
Covid 19 Rules and Conditions 
* All players to observe the social distancing of 1 metre from other players who are not members of their household. 
* To avoid handling and possible cross contamination all circles should be drawn (No prefabricated rings to be used). – Reminder - circles should be no larger than 50cm and no smaller than 35cm.
* Each player should use their own cochonnet when it is their teams turn to throw the jack. 
* Boule should not be picked up by anyone other than their owner.
* Contact details should be kept of all participants by the home team captains.
* There should be no hospitality. 
* Frequent sanitising of equipment and hands should be carried out during the match. 
* No handshaking or kissing before or after a match. 
* Equipment used (boule, cochonnet etc. should be sanitised after the match. 
* A face covering can be worn if people want extra protection. 
If these guidelines and conditions are followed by all players there is no reason why League matches can not be played safely by JPA members. 
They are based on the latest medical advice and correspond with the Jersey Sport guidance for moving to Level I.
The risk posed by Covid 19 is greatly reduced in the Island and by following these guidelines you will be supporting the Government of Jersey in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. 
If you have any concerns or questions please contact me or a member of the Committee. 
Keep well and play safely.
Derek Hart, Chairman Jersey Pétanque Association 


The Jersey Petanque Club and The Carrefour Petanque Club Open 2021
As you know we had to cancel our joint 2020 Open but we very much hope to be back in 2021 with our usual format and on the weekend of the first bank holiday in May (Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May) and we are underway with planning.
However, the current situation is that because of Jersey’s measures to control covid 19 we would be limited to 40 people (say16 teams of 2 and the organisers, caterers and umpire!) In addition, travel arrangements for non-Jersey teams may well mean testing and self-isolation on arrival and possibly self-isolation on your return depending on your home location
The Island has a very good record of control and naturally we very much hope these restrictions will be eased, but it would be very wrong of us not to outline what might be the case. We of course don’t know when any changes will come nor do we know if the situation will improve or whether stricter restrictions will be in place to combat covid 19. But May is still many months away and we think our best course of action is to plan for a return to “business as usual” and hope we can deliver our 2021 Open
We realise this does not make it easy for players coming from off island. We appreciate you need to make ferry or plane bookings and book accommodation. And so, we are contacting you now to share with you exactly what the current situation is.
 If you are on our mailing list when there is a material change in circumstances, we will contact you but, in the meantime, if you have any queries what so ever please contact Peter Bastion (01534 743828 or 
 If you are reading this on a website and want to be updated then again please contact Peter
 If you hope to come if circumstances allow please let Peter know now so he can regularly update you. Your response is important -it will give us an idea of what the take up might be

Peter Blampied                                                        Michel Morel
President Jersey Petanque Club                                 President Carrefour Petanque Club